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Workshops & Style Guides

  • On-site writing and speaking workshops for staff, management, & multilingual writers.

  • Style guides to help your team write more consistently.

Writing Workshops
for Everybody

On-the-Job offers workshops to help everyone on your team write better, regardless of level.

Workshops for Managers, Supervisors, & Executives

On-the-Job's leadership training helps new and experienced bosses write for success, and use language to effectively motivate employees.

Workshops for Multilingual Employees

On-the-Job offers workshops for multilingual employees writing and speaking English in the American workplace.

Style Guides: Reference Sheets to Increase Your Team's Writing Consistency

On-the-Job can work with you to create an organizational Style Guide. Style Guides act as reference sheets to help your team write with a consistent style, keeping your company's "voice" clear and consistent.