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Workshop Packages & Pricing

Design a Workshop Specifically for Your Team's Needs

One-Time Workshops: One-time, stand-alone workshops in any curricular area are priced hourly:

  • $1000 for a 2-hour workshop (+7.5% gross receipts tax)

  • $1750 for a 4-hour workshop(+7.5% gross receipts tax)

  • $2500 for an 8-hour workshop (can be spread over morning/afternoon,
    or 4 hours per day over two consecutive days) (+7.5% gross receipts tax)

  • $3500 for a 2-day, 16-hour total workshop (+7.5% gross receipts tax)

Workshop Series Discount: Workshops that build on progressive knowledge and
work with the same consistent group of trainees are the best way to ensure growth in
your team’s writing skills. Workshop series that exceed 16 hours total are priced at
10% off the one-time workshop rate.

Workshop Repeat Discount: To repeat the same workshop for additional groups of employees, using the same curriculum, take 20% off the prices of all workshops after the original workshop.


Associated Travel Costs

Depending on location, additional costs may be incurred for bringing a trainer to you:

  • Greater Sacramento Area: zero additional costs

  • California (outside Sacramento): $250 per diem covers all travel and accommodation costs

  • United States (outside CA): $300 per diem covers all travel and accommodation costs

  • International (outside US): international flight expense plus $200 per diem