Learning Options

Choose how your team learns together:


Hourly, Half-day, Full-day, or Multi-day

Erin's in-person workshops take place in a live virtual environment or on site and are customized to the specific needs of your team.

Coaching Session

Zoom, GoToTraining, WebEx, and More

Erin's coaching sessions help you meet your communication goals in business writing, public speaking, and/or English usage.

Speaking Session

Conferences and Learning Meetings

Erin's interactive, intellectual, and yet light-hearted speaking engagements help large teams learn together.

Erin's workshops, webinars, and speaking engagements help teams excel in:

Written Communication

  • Business Writing

  • Writing Effective Performance Reviews

  • Writing Policies and Procedures

  • Effective Emails and Email Etiquette

  • Writing for Different Audiences

  • Grammar and Punctuation


  • Leadership Styles and Theory

  • Inspiring and Leading Others

  • Change Management

  • Delegation

  • Developing Influence

  • Building Alliances

  • Women in Leadership

Interpersonal Communication

  • Interpersonal and Verbal Communication

  • Effective Listening Skills

  • Communication Across Generations

  • Communicating to Motivate

  • Body Language and Nonverbals

  • Perception and Meaning-Making

Intercultural Communication

  • Intercultural Styles of Communication

  • English Usage for Foreign Executives

  • Successful Intercultural Teamwork

  • Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace

  • Understanding Cultural Bias

  • Communicating with Different Generations

Team Culture

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding Other Generations

  • Gender Dynamics

  • Personality Styles

  • Confidence-Building

  • Avoiding Implicit Bias