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On-the-Job's Training Style

Education for the Workplace. Education for All Writing Levels.

On-the-Job’s workshops and trainings are founded on educational theory and on twenty years of practical experience leading engaging, active classrooms and workshops. We believe everyone has the right to develop their communication skills towards the promotion of their own personal and professional goals, and towards the betterment of the teams and companies they're an integral part of.

Our expertise is different because we specialize in helping all levels of writers become confident and autonomous in their writing knowledge and decisions. Our training style is different because we avoid impersonal, generic lectures; rather, we engage learners in an active, experiential process that helps them learn to make their own writing decisions and to internalize their own expertise as communicators. 

We also specialize in scientifically-backed learning techniques to improve speech, pronunciation, and writing for multilingual learners with entry-level English skills.


Through our active training style and commitment to working with all levels of writers and staff members, On-the-Job brings education for everybody right to the workplace. Regardless of previous education level or background, On-the-Job promotes employee development and brings school right to you: at work.