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International Executive Program

Developing international partnerships and succeeding in multilingual environments requires both cultural and linguistic understanding. Executives working around the world with English-speaking audiences need to sharpen their English usage, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills to better work with Western audiences. Western executives working with global partners need to increase their cultural flexibility.

On the Job offers training and consulting services, including one-on-one language coaching, to businesses working in the United States and around the world. The topics below offer an overview of learning available to both groups of learners.

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Working in International Teams

  • Understanding Language Differences

  • Increasing Cultural Sensitivity

  • Improving English Language Usage

  • Consulting Services for Foreign Executives Working with Western teams

  • Consulting Services for American Teams Working with International Partners

Contact On the Job to customize workshops or consulting sessions by email or at 505-363-8610.

Coaching for Executives Learning English

On the Job provides one-on-one coaching for English language learners working in international business. Coaching sessions cover vocabulary work, speaking and listening, and comprehension. We use the Color Vowel approach endorsed by the US State Department and the Peace Corps to increase spoken fluency and improve pronunciation.