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Education For Today's Workplace


Today’s workplace relies on successful and empathic communication among teams and with external partners and clients. Research recognizes both written and interpersonal communication as crucial to success.


Trust in leadership is the key factor behind employee engagement. Developing leaders, then, must continuously reflect on their leadership style and hone their communication skills to best inspire and lead their teams.


Discovering and developing your team’s diverse talents and work styles promotes collaboration and innovation, which helps your company compete in today’s ever-changing professional landscape, and helps everyone be happier at work.

On-Site Workshops & Consulting for Leaders and Team Members

On the Job Global knows how people learn and how to inspire people to keep learning. We help teams and leaders develop their communication and leadership skills through customized workshops and consulting services that incorporate learning theory into active and engaging sessions.

"Erin's workshops offer a unique learning experience. Her teaching invites attendees to identify their own areas of opportunity at the beginning of class and aids growth in a hands on way. I felt this course was tailored to me personally."


- Vanessa Sandoval, Nusenda Credit Union


Workplace Communication

Communication holds the key to the success of your leaders, your teams, and the individuals who make your company great. Help your team develop their interpersonal and written communication skills to bolster teamwork and increase engagement and efficiency with trainings designed to include the skills you want.

On the Job's communication training is always customized for each group of learners. See the content list below to start thinking about what kind of training would best fit your group.

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Business Writing

  • Listening and Speaking with Empathy

  • Communicating as a Team

  • Grammar and Punctuation Review

  • Motivational Language

  • Mastering Workplace Emails

  • Presentation Skills

  • Non-verbal Communication


Leadership Development

Being an inspiring, effective leader takes purpose, thought, and reflection. Effective leaders increase their team's engagement in their work and drive productivity as a result, but new leaders need to learn how to develop their leadership style to create the culture they want.

On the Job's leadership training is always customized for each group of learners. See the content list below to start thinking about what kind of training would best fit the emerging leaders in your company, or help your current leaders reflect and refuel.

  • Leading to Create Trust

  • Identifying and Creating Your Leadership Style

  • Intro to Leadership Theory

  • Developing Your Vision

  • Motivating Your Teams

  • Communicating Like a Leader

  • Writing Effective Performance Reviews

  • Running Successful Meetings

Train the Trainer

Effective trainers not only write great curriculum, but facilitate successful learning by inspiring and challenging their learners to deeply engage with new skills and concepts. Successful trainers provide strong content through active and engaging sessions that help learners make discoveries which in turn improve their workplace performance.

On the Job Global’s customized Train the Trainer workshops help trainers further develop their own facilitation skills to inspire their learners to do their best. See the content list below to start thinking about what areas would best help your trainers further develop their training toolkit by exploring new ideas in learning theory.

  • Engaging your learners

  • Targeting the right learning level

  • Understanding adult learners

  • Applying active learning theory

  • Managing group work

  • Creating experiential learning opportunities

  • Training multigenerational teams or groups

  • Assessing knowledge needs and training outcomes

International Executive Program

Developing international partnerships and succeeding in multilingual environments requires both cultural and linguistic understanding. Executives working around the world with English-speaking audiences need to sharpen their English usage, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills to better work with Western audiences. Western executives working with global partners need to increase their cultural flexibility.

On the Job offers training and consulting services, including one-on-one language coaching, to businesses working in the United States and around the world. The topics below offer an overview of learning available to both groups of learners.

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Working in International Teams

  • Understanding Language Differences

  • Increasing Cultural Sensitivity

  • Improving English Language Usage

  • Consulting Services for Foreign Executives Working with Western teams

  • Consulting Services for American Teams Working with International Partners

"Finally, I found a fun way to improve my writing! On the Job gave me a chance to significantly improve my English skills."

- Syam Terrajana, Editor-in-Chief 

  DeGorontalo Independent Media Outlet, Indonesia

Coaching for Executives Learning English

English Language Training Solutions logo

On the Job Global provides one-on-one coaching for English language learners working in international business. Coaching sessions cover vocabulary work, speaking and listening, and comprehension. On the Job Global partners with English Language Training Solutions (ELTS), creator of the Color Vowel approach, which has been endorsed by the US State Department and the Peace Corps to increase spoken fluency and improve pronunciation.