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Clients and Testimonials

Supervisors Are Saying...

"I’m pleased to give Erin Lebacqz at On the Job my highest recommendation. We have rigorous writing standards within our organization that can be intimidating for new leaders. To support their success, we hired Erin to provide writing instruction for our Leadership Development Program. Her approach and facilitation style immediately calmed nerves and engaged the class. The bite-sized approach of reviewing the rules, followed by immediate application through group activities, was so well received we requested more. 


Within the last two years OTJ has developed Level I and II writing workshops open to all staff levels, with waitlists in every class.  Classes originally offered quarterly, are now offered more frequently to keep up with the demand. These successes were drivers for a new writing class on performance reviews, which is now required for all leaders. And, the return on investment has been remarkable! Documents are more consistent across the organization and leaders are writing reviews in a way that motivates continued performance, while clearly articulating opportunity areas for staff in support of their continued development. 


She unfailingly receives the highest ratings from participant feedback.  In short, Erin makes writing classes fun, easy to understand, and impactful, not to mention our team members love her!”

- Michelle Dearholt, Chief Performance Officer

   Nusenda Credit Union

"I am so glad I was introduced to Erin! She worked with me to customize a small group writing training specific to the needs of our business. She listened to my goals and concerns, and provided a session filled with tools my team can use in our daily activities. Everyone who attended the training walked away feeling better equipped and ready to write. Time and money well spent!"

- Brian Cochran, Financial Planner

  John Moore Associates

"Erin Lebacqz provided just what my graduate Landscape Architecture students needed: pragmatic, focused lessons for improving their writing now. Her active learning approach engaged everyone in the class through clear introductions of writing techniques followed by practice exercises—done individually, in pairs, and finally in interactive class discussions. She knows from years of experience what works best to improve writing."

- Christopher Wilson, Professor of Cultural Landscape Studies

   University of New Mexico Landscape Planning

Learners Are Saying...

"Finally, I found a fun way to improve my writing! On the Job gave me a chance to significantly improve my English skills."

- Syam Terrajana, Editor-in-Chief 

   DeGorontalo Independent Media Outlet, Indonesia

"The Writing Workshops by Erin Lebacqz offer a unique learning experience. Her teaching invites attendees to identify their own areas of opportunity at the beginning of class and aids growth in a hands on way. I felt this course was tailored to me personally, and has given me the ability to bring vision to my writing"

- Vanessa Sandoval, Support Services Specialist

   Nusenda Credit Union

"Thanks to On the Job, I learned new skills about how to write a research article. Following their instructions step by step, I could see my improvements! Their training with English pronunciation, especially the vowels, has also brought me more confidence when speaking English."

- Perdita Wang, Doctoral Candidate

  Wuhan University, China

"Everybody in our class had different backgrounds and levels, and Erin quickly adapted the workshop level to meet ours. I really enjoy her teaching style."

-Zahra Khan, Magister of Science

 Universitas Negeri Gorontalo, Indonesia

"The way Erin presents the study of writing techniques, related activities and feedback from the assignments is extremely effective. Erin’s knowledge of traditional classroom teaching and training is invaluable, as she is able to speak to and connect with learners of all backgrounds and knowledge levels. Due to the techniques I have learned from Erin, I have renewed confidence in my writing and more tools in the box to enhance my writing style. Thank you Erin and On The Job Global!"

- Lucas Vigil, Training and Development Specialist

  Nusenda Credit Union

"Erin Lebacqz is very knowledgeable and fun. She keeps her lessons effective and engaging and gently corrects our mistakes so we don't get discouraged."

- Yena Ang, University Lecturer

  Universitas Negeri Gorontalo, Indonesia