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Hi, I'm Erin, a college teacher turned workplace trainer.

I bring education to your team through customized workshops and webinars about communication skills and business writing, leadership and management, emotional intelligence, intercultural and intergenerational communication, and gender in the workplace.


My classes and presentations are interactive and engaging, focusing on both conceptual discussions and practical applications that respect learners’ desire for intellectual growth while also providing relevant strategies they can immediately apply in the workplace.

I help your team communicate and write better to help you:

Boost Employee Engagement

Craft your team emails and facilitate your team discussions with purpose and respect to keep morale high.

Manage Messaging to External Stakeholders

Be purposeful about the messages your writing conveys to partners and collaborators.

Collaborate Across Generations and Cultures

Communicate respectfully and with empathy for generations or cultures you know less about than your own.

Save Time and Money

Clarify your call to action and leave no room for misinterpretation by writing clearly, concisely, and with logical flow and ordering.

Streamline Internal Processes

Prevent double-work and reduce the need for clarifying phone calls and emails by creating efficient communication workflow patterns.

Reduce Bias and Subjectivity

Prevent harmful bias or subjectivity from seeping into your team's writing and communication, to ensure all team members are respected.


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